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Reading of
12. Large Eagle Dropping Left, Beyond in Descent (7) LINEAGE

Performance reading, TACO, Instagram Live, 2020
Part of Dreams Time Free | THE END book launch and event (alternative online presentation due to Covid-19)

This video is recorded live in phone quality and is temporarily available

12. Large Eagle Dropping Left, Beyond in Descent (7) LINEAGE
An experimental text, borrowing its title from a cryptic crossword clue and Cecil The Caterpillar from a British short story, to wiggle through a series of ideas around: a 21st century personality, celestial ancestral spirits, DNA, tree roots, cosmic black pudding and philosophical plays with ground - fore & back, whilst eating the world dry. The text originally formed a performance reading in the shape of an expanded pop-up book performed at FULL ENGLISH. Pop-up techniques and devices animate the board, with objects and movement standing for different ideas in text e.g. foreground and background patterns and a wiggly line linking DNA strands, waves, Cecil and Cecil's migration.