12. Large Eagle Dropping Left, Beyond in Descent (7) LINEAGE

Full English Curated by Dateagle, Platform, London, 2019

Photos: Liz Gorman

12. Large Eagle Dropping Left, Beyond in Descent (7) LINEAGE was written in response to FULL ENGLISH a group show curated by Dateagle aiming to re-envisage a more broad and true definition of what Englishness is. Large Eagle Dropping Left... is an experimental text, borrowing its title from a cryptic crossword clue and Cecil The Caterpillar from a British short story, to wiggle through a series of ideas around: a 21st century personality, celestial ancestral spirits, DNA, tree roots, cosmic black pudding and philosophical plays with ground - fore & back, whilst eating the world dry. The work is an exploration of unknown ancestry, imagined and mixed up histories and characters taken from English short stories, with pronunciation and rhymes that spread like gossip in regional towns, collecting different meanings as details shape shift through the physical, metaphysical and metaphorical.

The text formed a performance reading in the shape of an expanded pop-up book. With pop-up techniques and devices standing for different textual ideas e.g. a wiggly line linking DNA strands, waves, Cecil and Cecil's migration.

Full English Curated by Dateagle, Platform, London, 2019
Artists: Louise Ashcroft | Takeru Brady | Beth Kettel | Richie Moment | Jade Montserrat | Kerry O’Connor | Irvin Pascal | Tom Sewell | Stasis | Rosa-Johan Uddoh

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