The Sound of Somebody Changing Their Mind

Multi-channel video installation

Solo Exhibition, Phoenix, Leicester, 2021

Images: Reece Straw

Duration: 18 minutes

Video: Written, directed & edited by Beth Kettel
Vocal: Asher, Jafro, Andy Jenkinson, Starboy SunSun | Dance &
Gesture: Satya-Sara Khachik, Danni Spooner, Scarlett Turner, Alice Kettel | Filming: Reece
Straw | Sound: Tom Rose, Andy Jenkinson | Sound Studio: HQ recording studio

The original video was commissioned by Phoenix in 2018, in collaboration with the Art & Screen Network, Institute of Contemporary Arts

With special thanks to all those who worked on the video and for exhibition support from Mateus Domingos, Chris Tyrer, Gino Attwood and Andrew Johnston.

Short film screening

For more information/enquiries: bethkettel@gmail.com