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The Sound of Somebody Changing Their Mind

Multi-channel video installation

Solo Exhibition, Phoenix, Leicester, 2021

Images: Reece Straw

Duration: 18 minutes

The Sound of Somebody Changing Their Mind is a multimedia installation created by Leicester-born artist Beth Kettel, expanding from her experimental music video, A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands For Something Else. With an interest in language and meaning-making through the five semiotic systems: linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial, Kettel brings together a new edit of the video screened as a multichannel display - expanding ideas in meaning-making, perspective, foreground & background and composition. Isolated stems in the music form songs; individual gestures form dances; objects form ‘still-life’ compositions; words form lyrics and patterns move from object to costume to backdrop.

Kettel worked with Leicester-based musicians, vocalists and dancers to bring together a series of diverse music styles based on genres found around Leicester’s Cultural Quarter past and present from Happy Hardcore and Disco clubs that used to exist, to HQ, the recording studio that is working today supporting a wealth of Grime, Hip Hop and Rap artists.

Kettel produced the tracks by finding commonalities of isolated stems and sounds eg. high hat, claps, synth that shape-shift through these disparate genres. The isolated stems are associated with objects that Kettel bought from the area, which themselves build into compositions alongside the tracks. As well as the isolated sounds and objects, Kettel worked with dancers to create movements and dances based on a series of isolated gestures.

The video includes an experimental text written by Kettel made up of a mixture of Leicester slang, fragments of stories and references to the objects. Individual words and phrases from the text were offered as starting points for the musicians to approach writing lyrics to the tracks with different stylistic and narrative routes with their own set of references.

With a dynamic dexterity in language, pattern and movement, the work features objects, backdrops and costumes designed and assembled by Kettel, bringing together music, objects and video to form non-linear, multilayered narratives.

This exhibition is part of Leicester Art Week, a festival of visual art taking place across the City.”

Video: Written, directed & edited by Beth Kettel
Vocal: Asher, Jafro, Andy Jenkinson, Starboy SunSun | Dance &
Gesture: Satya-Sara Khachik, Danni Spooner, Scarlett Turner, Alice Kettel | Filming: Reece
Straw | Sound: Tom Rose, Andy Jenkinson | Sound Studio: HQ recording studio

The original video was commissioned by Phoenix in 2018, in collaboration with the Art & Screen Network, Institute of Contemporary Arts

With special thanks to all those who worked on the video and for exhibition support from Mateus Domingos, Chris Tyrer, Gino Attwood and Andrew Johnston.


Short film screening
A selection of experimental short films, documentary, music video, artist video & film trailers screened in Phoenix cinema.
Including: Sergei Eisenstein, Trouble Wanted, Nobuhiko Obayashi, Sergei Parajanov, Ed Atkins, Peter Greenaway, Ed Emshwiller, Reactor, Stephen Crowe.