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The Mist of a Pessimist

Solo Exhibition | Performance
ZC: Invites, London, 2017


The Mist of a Pessimist, a performance and solo exhibition using costume, video, text and performance to explore the interrelationships between species and the relationship between mind and matter in relation to three characters – an animal, a human and a machine, with their capacity to be emotionally disturbed.
The work included an experimental text exploring aspects of consciousness, whilst physical bodily presence and nonverbal communication were explored through devices in costume and installation such as smoke and thermochromic paint, which changed colour to reflect a changing mood.

Curator: Paul Luckraft Performers: Riccardo Dominguez | Beth Kettel | Amanda Mandel | Sophie Rogers
Voiceover: William Marriott | Beth Kettel
Sound: Tom Rose | Beth Kettel
Costume: Dominic Barber | Beth Kettel
Photos: Tim Bowditch
Live stream and filming: Static Image Production London

Interview with Curator Paul Luckraft

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