Bruise Prelude 

The Lowry Galleries, Salford, 2022

Images: Sonya Smith

Performers: Pádraig Condron, Beth Kettel, Paul Paschal
Sound: Tom Harris
Costume: Beth Kettel

“Bruise Prelude … a performance bringing together movement with reactive materials in costume reflecting on the connections between psychological and physical experience. The work is split into three compositions exploring emotional and physical defence mechanisms in human psychology, armour and defensive strategies in other species. For example: thanatosis - the defensive strategy of playing dead also known as death-feigning, which is a reactive anti-predator behavioural strategy, which can also include sticking out tongues, emptying bowels, and excreting foul-smelling fluids to convince predators it’s past the expiration date, as well as bioluminescent bodies, camouflage, extensions and mimicry.

The costume and movement are based around communication strategies in other species i.e. changing colour with moods, cycles, seasons, threats and attraction, the work continues wider exploration into language, perception, consciousness and mental health of humans, plants and animals with their capacities to be emotionally disturbed.”