Baseline Drift
51°34'59.7N 0°00'49.2W

Forming part of the commission, Baseline Drift, a series of basketball sessions developed with coach Joseph Bond, recorded data from movements using various technologies and interventions, including motion tracking, 3D scanning, GoPro, video, audio recording, augmented reality sandbox and other geological equipment and software.

These methods, alongside materials such as sand and clay, recorded traces left from movement such as pivoting, sliding, jabbing and jumping, used as raw material to develop immersive 3d digital environments.

These tests show contour mapping as a way to visualise the imprints and traces left from players’ movement, creating 3D digital landscapes of mountains and valleys of footsteps, pressure points and pivots. 

Collaboration with Joseph Bond
3D Deisgn Arnar Omarsson

Special thanks to:
Hackney Rebels & AllBall London Basketball Teams
Alistair Young, River Wey Trust