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A Mutual Influence

Interactive audio & visual Installation
Site-specific outdoor commission for Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales, 2021

Images: Anna Arca

“BETH KETTEL’s new temporary commission A Mutual Influence occupies a clearing by the woods at Green Man, comprising a new audio piece and Augmented Reality (AR) sandbox installation. An AR Sandbox is an intuitive and interactive geological tool that visualizes spatial patterns of environmental data related to topography and mapping. The work weaves personal, psychological and philosophical reflections on a series of relationships: organism and environment, foreground and background, time and space and the demise of a romantic relationship. Through a quest for finding hush with the constant shifting in emotional, metaphysical and physical experience of being alive, Beth continues her research into ecology, consciousness and mental health of humans, plants and animals along with interspecies relationships and communication strategies.

Stigmergy is a communication method of indirect collaboration, through the environment, between organisms and their actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an individual action stimulates the performance of a succeeding action by the same or different agent. Kettel explores this idea through the continual reshaping of narrative and terrain, affected by the words and actions mapped around them.”

A co-commission with Green Man and Forma.

With special thanks to:
Alistair Young (The River Wey Trust) - AR Sandbox Technician
Lexi Stevens & Rachel Cunningham-Clarke - Production
Paul Schneider - Build Technician
Green Man team 
Joseph Bond - Original AR Sandbox R&D 

2021 Green Man Visual Art Commissions: Freya Dooley, Beth Kettel, Gweni Llwyd, Kristina Pulejkova

Supported by Green Man Trust, Arts Council Wales, Arts Council England

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